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Junior book review: Father Christmas and Me by Matt Haig

By Sam, 7

What was the book about?

It was about a girl, Amelia, who went to Elfhelm to live with Father Christmas and a woman called Mary. The girl and Mary used to live in a workhouse and their boss was mean to them, but Father Christmas saved them. Mary was to become Mary Christmas. It wasn’t as easy for the girl, who had trouble fitting in at school in Elfhelm, so she left. But before she could reach the mountains, she met an elf called Pippin who caught letters sent to Sanda. But when Amelia left Elfhelm, there was not enough magic in the air, so she decided to go back.

When she woke in the morning she crept out to Wooded Hill with the Truth Pixie to try to save Elfhelm from the bad rabbits and Easter Bunny.

What did you like about it?

I liked how there was a happy ending and some of the characters decide to work together. It made me feel good at the end when that happened.

What was the best bit?

When they went down the rabbit hole to spy on the rabbits. It was exciting.

How would you describe Father Christmas and Me to other kids?

Exciting and a bit scary.

5 stars

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