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Junior review: Jacob’s Toys – The Big Backyard Adventure! By Claudia Woods

Review by Sam, 8

What was the story about? The story was about toys that Jacob was going to get rid of, but then they blew off the clothes line when they were getting washed. They got into lots of trouble and then when they got back to the garden, Jacob wanted to keep them.

What did you think of the story? I think it was really funny.

What was funny about it? That every single page there was a problem for the toys. Paul (the teeny-tiny reindeer) was also really funny and cute.

What did you think of the pictures? They’re different to other books because the writing was part of picture, and it looked like the pictures were a mixture of photos and pictures. I also really liked Paul, and the insects that you can find on each page.

How many stars do you give this book? 4 ½ out of 5

Jacob’s Toys was published by Harbour Publishing.

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