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Book review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Don’t worry, I know that it’s too late in the day to review Harry Potter – a literary phenomenon like this is well and truly beyond being reviewed.

But I can write about my experience of reading Harry Potter as an adult and mother of three.

Firstly, like most other people, I’m thrilled that these books exist as even if they were terrible, I’m all for getting kids reading anything at all.

But secondly, I’m thrilled that these books are SO GOOD! Right from the start, and the hilarious descriptions of Harry’s aunty and uncle, I was drawn into the story. And who wouldn’t be? There are wizards, a giant, a magical gateway to the train platform, secret histories, broomsticks, and wands. Then there is the evil wizard who seems to be hiding around the corner, just out of view but casting a sense of menace over the adventures of the characters, and a frisson of excitement.

Then there are the characters – Harry, Hermione and Ron are adorable, and when I finished reading the first book, I couldn’t wait to start on The Chamber of Secrets as I have to admit, I missed the little gang.

There is no wonder everyone loves these books so much. I can’t wait to read more about Harry Potter and his friends, and all of the wonders of Hogwarts.


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