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Book review: Phosphorescence by Julia Baird

I usually steer well clear of self-help or emotional wellbeing-type books, but this one was given to me by a friend so I ended up flicking through it.

I did not expect to get so much from it.

Phosphorescence is a book of philosophies and observations from ABC journalist Julia Baird. Her musing range from insecurity to awe, as she explains how she tries to overcome the first in her television career and embrace awe in her life.

While I was reading the book, I started making subtle changes to my own life. During my walks around the lake near my house, I consciously started noticing the beautiful wildlife, from the serene black swans to the gorgeous ducklings waddling by. I noted the natural beauty surrounding me and felt grateful for it.

It was a small lesson but one that has continued to  make a difference to my life, months later.

I’ve spoken to friends about Phosphorescence and some didn’t enjoy reading it as a whole book, but preferred to focus on sections they were interested in.

I read it all, but can see that this might not appeal to everyone. However, I do think that almost anyone can take some meaning from Baird’s wise and thoughtful words, and would recommend it in particular to anyone going through a difficult time.


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