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Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies by Maddie Mortimer

This book has cemented my opinion that plot-driven – rather than prose-driven – novels are much better suited to listening.

I listened to Mortimer’s book while walking, vacuuming and mowing and felt that the medium did not suit the style of the novel.

Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies is the story of a women Lia, a mother who has terminal cancer.

It is told through her past, and her present with her daughter and husband.

It is also, rather strangely, told through the cancer itself, making its way through Lia’s body and seeing the interactions of her husband, Lia and the daughter.

This device might have worked in the reading, but it didn’t really lend itself to the audiobook format, and I found myself drifting A LOT.

I wasn’t excited to start listening each time I picked up my phone, which happens when I’m really engaged in an audiobook.

I have to suspend my judgement on the book, as I’m sure the writing was lyrical and moving to read, but it just didn’t really interest me in the listening.

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