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Book review: Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler 

I swear this will be the last time a choose a book because of its title. I was seduced by the sound of Farewell, My Lovely and ended up with a story that was nothing like I expected. I should have known by the author. 

Raymond Chandler’s novel follows a private eye who finds himself involved in an unexpected case after he is pulled into a club after a tough guy named Moose Molloy. A man in the club is murdered and Phillip Marlowe feels he has to solve the case in which he has inadvertently become entangled. 

The plot gets murkier when he is embroiled in another mystery when a man who engaged his services is murdered. 

While I was listening to Farewell, My Lovely I realised that other than Peter Temple’s books, I don’t particularly like this genre of books. The wise guys at their heart are entertaining enough, but I struggle to follow the storyline and so it is unsatisfactory when the strands that I had lost are pulled together. 

I don’t like spy novels o crime novels of this type and need to remind myself of this when I see such gorgeous titles. They’re just not for me.  

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