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Book review: The Confession by Jessie Burton

Jessie Burton’s The Confession is a book split into the past and the present – one set n the 1980s when a glamorous woman falls under the spell of successful writer, Connie, and the other three decades later when the woman has disappeared and her daughter, Rose, is trying to learn about her life.

I enjoyed the novel’s movement between the two times as Burton explores an enticing and mysterious past in which the mother, Elise, joined Connie’s life of pool parties and expensive clothes with her artistic clique in LA, and her daughter’s experience tracking Connie down.

Rose finally realises the troubled truth – albeit incomplete – of her family.

However, the whole story had a whiff of the far-fetched and I was never really moved by the relationships between Elise or Rose’s relationship with Connie.

It seemed like it was constructed for entertainment rather than any truth or emotion.

While it was a very easy read, and pleasurable enough, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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