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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix begins dramatically, with Harry and his cousin being attacked by Dementors. Forced to use magic to defend them both, Harry is threatened with expulsion from Hogwarts.

A devastated Harry is taken to the childhood home of Sirius Black, where he is introduced to the Order of the Phoenix. Here, despite his troubles, Harry starts to feel like he is part of a family for the first time, surrounded by adults who care for him.

With Dumbledore’s help, Harry is cleared during a hearing at the Ministry of Magic and he is allowed to return to Hogwarts.

However, the news of Voldemort’s return means that Harry is on guard at the school, and Dumbledore enlists Snape to help protect him falling to far into the world of the You-Know-Who. There is a sense that not everyone at Hogwarts can be trusted, and Harry has trouble determining who is on his side.

Sometimes, when I’m reading Harry Potter, I long for a rest from all of the drama, and I always enjoy when JK Rowling injects some Quidditch or friendly banter between Ron and Hermione to diffuse the tension.

You can always be sure that the drama will continue later in the book and it certainly did in this one, as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Dolores Umbridge reveals herself, Snape makes his presence felt in Harry’s life and Harry starts having intense and dramatic dreams featuring Nagini and Voldemort.

I also love how JK Rowling combines adventure with emotion, and I felt particularly sad towards the end of the book when the Death Eaters battle the Order of the Phoenix, with devastating results.

Once again, I was entirely swept up in the storyline and in barracking for the young witches and wizards. Another masterpiece in a series that is beyond compare.


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